Our experience for the future

    1952 – I.M.P S.p.A. is founded in Vicenza: The Company starts its activities supplying injection blown bottles to the pharmaceutical industry.

    1967 – Diversification – Move into Extrusion Blow Molding: Due to the growing demand for extrusion blown bottles, I.M.P. decides to expand its operation investing in new technologies, signing important supply contracts with multinationals operating in the cosmetic and detergent sector. The Company moves its Factory and HQ to Altavilla Vicentina, the present location.

    1983 – Vertical integration – Liquid filling: The mixing and filling departments are set up with the installation of the first two detergent filling lines

    1995 – Warehouse expansion: A Warehouse covering 12,800 sq.mt is built to ensure the highest service to I.M.P.’s customers.

    1998 – Hypochlorite production: Mixing capabilities are installed to produce hypochlorite

    2001 – Organization and Quality System Management: I.M.P. is certified UNI EN ISO 9001.

    2004 – International Expansion: IMP enters in its first International joint venture (ACROL, Spain), aiming at strengthening the already consolidated relationships with multinational customers.

    2014 – Environmental System Management: I.M.P. is certified UNI EN ISO 14001:2004

    2016 – Liquid filling expansion: the seventh filling line is fully installed and operational

    2017 – New “food grade” blow and injection molding department: to answer to the growing requests received by Companies operating in the food segment, IMP decides to invest in a new department built and operated according to the highest standards requested by the food industry. The technology installed are injection and extrusion blow.